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"We turned our dreams into STORIE, now it is your turn to make them real with us. Just dream about your passions and your living space, and let us write a story for you."

Meet US!

We are two passionate architects who have worked on several interior design projects with 8 years of experience. We founded our own women-owned business with a mission of reaching anyone who needs inspiration in “thematic interior design” with an affordable service.

When we first started our journey, our very first inspiration was a friend who is a historian and asked us for a bedroom project which reflects her greatest passion and years of research area; wheat. She told us “I would love to involve wheat in my living area since it has already been my whole life. I want to reflect the story of my life in my house to express my environment (my own self) better!” As the wheat itself has a rich historical background and an unchanging delicate nature since the beginning of civilization, this visionary request gave us an inspiration for our business model that every person has different passions and backgrounds, and bringing those into the living spaces makes the daily life more motivating and enjoyable. The more we get into the "personalized thematic interior design" concept over years, the more we see how much incorporating the passions into living spaces is effective and life-changing.

If you have a particular interest in a certain field and you want to add it to your living space, we can convert your interest and passion into reality. The “thematic interior design” will give your room a unique look and feel, and will give an idea to the viewer about your interest in life.

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