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FEEL'inn venice




Venetian, elegant, eclectic, luxurious, golden details


Venice, ITALY


This special Airbnb project in Venice is created to reflect a realistic Venice experience with modern-day touches and needs. The overall vibe of the room is inspired by the little details of the exterior façades of the buildings such as ornamented windows and bricks. For instance, the window details are reinterpreted as symbolic empty frames on the wall. The use of gold metallics is crucial to a Venetian style room as well. The intellectual history of Venice is also recreated by displaying an eclectic mixture of art and accessories; the art pieces are placed pieces in an ornate gilded frame for maximum impact and one of the most iconic symbols of the city, artistic masks, are used in decoration. This elegant, luxurious and timeless style is created by balancing the physical and historical details of the city.

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If you want to create the same ambience in your room, click the button below to go to the product links and shop the look directly.

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